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Well it's summer!!! i haven't writtin in this thing forever but i decided to right now cuz i have absolutely notin to do! well... i started goin out wit bucky on may 31st at trishas party. it was pretty fun i guess. then today he dumped me for no god damn reason. im like wtf?! but owell shit happens right? i still like him alot tho.... :/ owell i kinda like two other people.... one i dont kno that well and the other one i know ALOT lol but i cant tell ne1 who it is yet cuz i dono if i want them to know yet cuz im still kinda deciding if i should even like them!
well saturday is kennywood day but its supposed to be like not even 70 out and that sux! i think im juss goin wit nikki and them meetin everyone else there. well either way itll kick ass lol wow im watchin makin the video wit nelly and he is damn sexi!!! lol juss thought id let yall kno that.
tonight i think i might go to the mall wit either nikki or rachael? i dono but im bored as hell cuz i havent done notin all day coz nikki never called me bak! lol but its all good coz shes my bestfriend n all. i reallllly wish bucky wouldnt have dumped me i love{d} that kid!
BUT i think im gonna go cuz i wrote alot n im runnin outa things to say so0 ill write in herr later.

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