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bored as hell

heyyyyyy the past week ive been at nikkis and nikkis dads house! welll on sunday we went on a date wit these two guys and omg mine was so horrible. lol but nikki had funn so0 its all good coz im happy for her!! but neways this is gay so0o im justgonna do this survey thing!!

1)what time is it?: 11:58 pm
2)what is the date?: july 1st
3)what are you wearing?: red cheerleading shorts and a white american eagle shirt
4)where are you sitting?: in my basement
5)how do you feel?: i dunno? ok i guess..lol
1)what is your first name?: heather
2)middle name?: rachael... lol
3)last name?: smith
4)date of birth?: 8*10*??
5)place of birth?: pa
6)gender?: sexy baby grl
8)grade?: its summer! lol
9)school?: HMS
10)location?: PA
11)describe your looks: 5*4, blonde hair, green eyes im just so0o damn sexi! lol jk actually im madd ugly

1)what is your street address?: im not puttin it on the net!
2)what does your house look like?: umm ugly lol
3)do you have your own room?: yeah
4)what does your room look like?: its white wit posters all over it
5)do you like your house?: sometimes
8)do you have siblings?: yea
9)if yes, what are their names/ages?: myke-19
12)do you have any pets?: ya
13)if yes, what are their names/kind?: dog-maddie and two toads but theyre my brothers so0o i donol0l
14)do you get along with your mom?: yea sumtimez
16)siblings?: Sumtimez

1)do you currently have a bf/gf?: naw
2)if yes, what is their name?: ^^^
3)if not, do you have a crush?: yeah <33
4)what is their name?: ray aka the all american l0l
5)name all bfs or gfs you've had in the past: thatz too many lol
6)have you ever been in love?: yup
7)have you ever been kissed?: yea
8)have you ever been on a 1-on-1 date?: yea
9)if not, how come?: ^^^^
10)what's your idea of a perfect date?: dinner then clubbin
11)what's your idea of a perfect bf/gf?: gotta make me laugh,hott,sexi eyes,taller den me,fav shape a star,aint diff wen theyre around theyre friends and alot more l0l
12)do you LOVE your current bf/gf/crush?: not LOVE but like ALOT ALTO
13)do you really even know what LOVE is?: yah i think so0....

1)pepsi/cola: pepsi
2)american pie 1/american pie 2: 1 lol
3)pants/shorts: dpeneds
4)capris/floods: capris
5)tight pants/wide leg: tight
6)nsync/blink 182: nsync
7)destiny's child/3LW: dc
8)middle school/high school: probly highschool lol
9)usa/canada: usa
10)east coast/west coast: westside till i die baby lol
11)pink/blue: p1nk but i like blu to0o
12)love/like: love
13)hot/sexy: sexy
15)cats/dogs: dogs
16)rats/mice: ewww no
17)pets/no pets: pets
18)phone/IM: phone but depends
19)e-mail/snail mail:email
20)tv/movies: moviez
21)sierra mist/7up: 7up
22)pool/ocean: ocean
23)rain/shine: shine

1)who is/are your BESTEST friend(s)?: nikki we're numba one sHunnas l0l!
2)who are some of your REALLY CLOSE friends?: alot
3)name the rest of your good friends: alot
who is the...
4)loudest: me and nikki deff
5)quietest: umm... no1s that quiet
6)sweetest: ray deff hes like the most perfect guy ever!
7)kindest: every1
8)most caring: nikki
9)most lovable: dunno
10)most understanding: nikki,jess,rave,chay chay
who has the...
11)prettiest eyes: ali fink,steve g,shawn fraser,boris,ray
12)best smile: ray his teeth are so0 perfect! lol
13)coolest parents: nikki {{ well most the time about her mom neways lol }}
14)coolest siblings: deff nikkis coz she has chay chay whos just great and john whos super sexi!! lol
15)coolest pets: umm i dono?
16)hottest boyfriend: ????
17)biggest house: dono
19)most clean house: ummmm nikkis dads i think
20)most messy house: mine lol
who is the biggest...
21)flirt: me! lol
22)slut: ???
23)player: randy lol
24)wanna-be player: ????
25)punk rocker: no1 im not friends wit punk rockers thats just sad!
26)hottie: ray,hatfield,boris
28)queer: no comment


name? - heather
nicknames? - heath,feather,abercrombie,ma~heather,punchie n more
birthday? - 8*15
place of birth? - pa
height? - 5'4
eye colour? - green
righty, lefty, or ambidexterous? - lefty
hair colour? - blondish
best friends?-nikk,chaychay,liz,rave,meemz,ali,hatfield,nick noone,anthony and more

sports are you active in? - volleyball
is the most recent movie you have seen? - get a clue lol cutest movie
are you doing tonight? - sleeping haha
is your name backwards? - rehtaeh
was the last thing you ate? - cookie
was the last thing you said out loud? - no im good l0l
do you think of true love? - yea
is on your mousepad? - blue
on the walls in your room? - posters of emininem,nelly,freddie prinze jr,ryan phillipe and pics of me and my friends
colour is your computer desk? - a pic of me n my grls
colour pants do you have on right now? - dont have on pants, have on shorts lol
is right next to you? - ??
do you want to do when you grow up? - architect or wedding planner and i wanna be happily married to ray! lol
do you look for in the opposite sex? - personality,eyes,hotness

do you...
believe in yourself? - of course
get motion sickness? - not usually
have a pager? - no
have a lava lamp? - no i used to tho

if you...
could travel to one place in the world, where would it be? - paris
were a crayon what color would you be? -babi pink or babi blue
could have one wish in the world, what would it be? - i dono?
could have any occupation, what would it be? - a rapper or actress
could have some sort of special power what would you want it to be? - read peoples minds

candy? - dunno
color? - pink
color bra? - white i guess? lol
thing to do on the weekend? - dono
memory? - i have lots
tv show(s)? - 106th and park,real world,dismissed,boy meets world,hey arnold
band/group/singer? - eminem,ja rule,nelly,ashanti,charli baltimore and lots more
boardgame? - dono
magazine? - cosmo girl
drink? - kahluha and milk! lol nikki
food? - steak
flower? - pink and white roses
holiday? - my birthday!! and christmas
shampoo? - dono
toothpaste? - crest xtra whitening
ice cream? - choc chip cookies dough
scent/perfume? - ralph,a&f,candies

have you ever...
gone skinny dipping? - when i was like real little lol
been convicted of a crime? - nope
drank alcohol? - yeah
cheated on a test? - who hasnt lol
broken a bone? - yeah
kissed? - yeah

drinks with or without ice? - with ice
thing you thought of or said when you woke up? - wheres nikka and chay chay lol
rollercoasters--deadly or exciting? - exciting
pick a song that describes you? - alot do so i dono
when you meet a person of the oppositte sex, what do you notice first? - shoes
last time you showered - like tonight
how is the weather right now? - hotttt
who was the last person you talked to on the phone? - nikko
how many kids do you want? - 2 maybe 3
how long do you wait to tell someone that you luv them? - i dunno it depens
who do you wish you could see more often? - ray
what would be something you would say to them? -i want u bad l0l and soo do u know how to braid?? DONT ASK LOL
would you want to know when you're going to die?:nope
have you ever had an online relationship? - no

this or that...[or that..]
coke or pepsi? - coke
1 pillow or 2? - 2
adidas, nike or reebok? - nike
pierce your nose or tongue? - eww neither
MTV or VH1? - mtv
simple or complicated? - dono
mom or dad? - mom
happiness or depression? - happiness
internet or real life? - reel life
balloons or streamers? - balloons make fun noises.
grey or gray? - grey
sunrise or sunset? - Sunset.
x or o? - X
sun or moon? - moon.
emerald or ruby? - emerald
chocolate or vanilla? - vanilla
hello or hi? - holla
silver or gold? - silver
half empty or half full? - half empty
bacon bits or croutons? - im allergic to bacon bits hahaha nikki that was the best ever! l0l
mary kay or lancome? - ....?

more romantic...?
candles or darkness? - candles...
flowers or chocolate? - flowers
going out or staying in? - depends
champagne or wine? - wine

what do you think of...
small children - some are so0 cute but some are just ugh
religion - go0d but boring
drugs - totally disgusting
yourself - ugly lol
the internet - fun
your town - boring but lots of hott guys
your best friend - nikki
your school - wow

what would you do if...
someone cut all of your hair off in the middle of the night - cry
someone dyed your hair in the middle of the night - dye it back
you were pulled out of your everyday life, and put into utter isolation - hate it
someone stole your socks - giggle.
someone stole your computer - cry probly l0l
all of your favorite bands were going on a tour together, coming to your hometown, but your parents wouldn't let you go - id go anyway
you fell on your ass on stage at school, in front of the whole school population - laugh hysterically
were told that you were moving tomorrow, away from all of your friends - cry and go and live wit nikki

well im goin now cyah~~ <3
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