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heyy wuts up?? notin here im so0o bored & i miss nikki so0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0 much! but thats okay coz shes gettin back in *3* days anyway!!!! :) but anyways i aint been doin notin really since nikki has been gone i dono a lil bit but not alot ya kno. well i been talkin to the gview crew alot n theyre so0 funny and i luv them! haha but neways i dont think i like ray no more coz i dono he likes chelsey too and shit and thats gay so0 w/e. ooo ya and idget if you read this..... did you do my livejournal again? l0l coz it says heath on the side?! well if u did thanks its realllly cute! :x well neways ima go now coz im gettin in the shower. ~1~
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