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heyy wuts up?! chillin here. welll.... today i watched jackie! cutest lil grl ever! but ummmm it was kinda boring owell tho lol i made $$$ so thats k! ummmm omg *2* days till NikKi gets back!!!! :) i miss her s0o0o much lol neways i think i like hatfield again :x haha owell i can*t help it i think im aalllwaaayyys gonna like him but thats k coz i dont mind! l0l hah but neways im real tired coz i got off the fone last night at like 430 and i had to get up at 7:00. but thats k coz i like talkin to justin n ben! but neways im gonna go now coz im bored n i have notin to talk bout to byeee
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