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heyy!! i havent writtten in dis thing for a while! l0l wellll i been rrrrreeeaaalll busy... hmmm welll on thursday was my bday!! so0 me rach jessie and billy went to kennywood. l0l we rode tha skycoaster... danm i was soo scared, i was like swearin at da top n shit l0l it was hilarious. butttt ummmm friday me n my family went out to eat for my bday n then i went shopping wit my momz n i bought a new rocawear outfit!! haha so0o cute i <3 it. saturday... i lyke didnt do notni durin the day but at night i babysat nikkis lil cousins.. alec and tanner! two cutest lil boys ever! l0l buttt tonight im goin to caitlins party.. its gonna be so0o much funn!!! l0l hmmmm i <3 justin! lol sry buttttt i think im gonna go0 caz i dont kno wut else to write... ~1~
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