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heyyy. well yesterday was kennywood and it wasnt tha best ever. it rained alot n it was like c0ld. but it was fun i guess. it was me,rave,jess,chels,jeff,boris,dan,and craig even tho we dont think the boiz wanted to hang out wit us! lol but its cool cuz we did newaiz! but how bout i didnt even get ta meet up wit hatfield :( lol but owell!
i think im bout to go up the courts today and see everyone coz im so0o0o0o bored. but i dono if ill be allowed :/ owell its cool tho coz im goin tomorrow, probly wit rave but i dono. ooo how bout mandis mad at me but its cool coz all i was doin was stickin of for rach so meemz if u read dis im sry but i was just stickin up for her coz she was in a bad mood ya kno? but newaiz im bout to go coz i dono this is gettin gay

i did like a million of these things lol.....

What Element Are You?

american eagle

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Which Kiss are You?

Which Kiss Are You?

What Seven Deadly Sin Are YOU? [?]

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