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heyyy. im not havin the best day ever cuz im so0 bored n nikki kinda DIDNT CALL ME like she was supposed but she never does neways... owell tho coz i still <3 her to death. ooo yesterday i babysat jackie and it was fun l0l then we went to shcc and swam and stuff then i came home and went to the mall. i got the cutest bathing suit and a really cute shirt. AND OMG at the mall i saw.... SHAWN ROSE!!!! :) :) :) lol just thought id let yall kno but then wen i came home from the mall i talked online untill like 12:30. i talked to hatfield for a good while n nikki and just other people. but tonight i think im gonna sleep over nikkis cuz matt,boris and anthony are callin us from *wrestling camp* l0l dont that song like bunches of funn?! lol wellll.... im realllly bored n i dont kno wut to write so0o i guess ill juss go fer now!
1<33 heathR
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