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heyy er1! wuts up? chillin here. i kno i havent writtin in dis thing for like a week. well i been wit nikki all week, juss like every otha week. l0l well on weds night we met des guys and there were like 10 of em. and we couldnt go out n chill wit em so0 we hadda tell em to0 come bak on thursday night. and they did!!! :) omg so0 we chilled wit them for a while n we gave em our numbers n stuff n omg theyre juss the hottest boiz ever!!! n theyre thugs!! :) l0l but neways nikki went on vaca today n its gonna be soo boring witout her but im juss gonna do stuff wit mandi and other people ya kno? and ill still have adam and his crew to talk to when they call me!! :) well im gonna go0 coz i dono wut else to0 write.....
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